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Citing Web-based research
MLA style

•Any kook, crackpot or psychotic with an Internet connection can make a webpage. Who and what do you trust?
•Websites with greater credibility have one or more of the following-
–Copyright symbol ©
–Author’s name
–Publisher’s name
–Publication date
–Sophisticated design
–Purpose or mission statement.
–Independent web address
–Trustworthy top-domain names, i.e.-”edu” or “Gov”
Questionable Credibility
•Websites with questionable credibility have one or more of the following-
–No names referenced as sources of the information, i.e. an author or company.
–Immature, or unsophisticated design.
–Superficial content.
–Dependent or hosted website addresses like hometown.aol, geocities.com, members.net and tripod.com, all of which are free to members.
Example #1
•If a page has an author, it is most often credible. However,
•The author listed isn’t always an authority.
•Therefore, it is important to check the author’s credibility when the page is questionable.
•Many good authors have pages listed on the “questionable” domains (tripod.com, members.net or .com, or geocities.com), so verifying their credibility is very important.





•To check the author’s credibility on questionable pages, look for a link to see “about the author”

•A detailed description concerning the author’s career and accomplishments establishes credibility

Example #3
•Questionable site:
•has no reference to an author or publisher.
• Page has no references to a source.
•The writing has grammar errors and uses bad language frequently.

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